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REALITY believes in its ability to create a new and better reality in the areas where it operates.
Real estate betterment has significant impact on the human, social, employment-related and ecological fabric of a property and its environment
in the short and long term. As part of our responsible and professional conduct reflecting our worldview,
REALITY takes the opportunity to make good impact on the community and the environment of every property under our ownership.
We take a holistic approach to create joint value for the benefit of local authorities, investors and society at large.



Arts & Culture


REALITY has developed a unique methodology for interim uses through the development and betterment process. Rather than leaving properties empty and gray pending completion of the design and regulatory approval process, we promote change for the better through unique content, art, culture and other land uses, thus turning abandoned properties and ‘white elephants’ into inspiring spaces in which creativity is encouraged and communities and neighborhoods are empowered, all in partnership with the local communities and municipalities.
The projects bring people together through the creation of a dynamic environment in which associations, entrepreneurs, social and business organizations collaborate and hold a variety of events and activities in accordance with SDG11.


We believe that sustainability benefits the real estate industry, the environment, and, ultimately, all of society. Our funds support ecological projects and the implementation of ESG and SDG frameworks to promote a sustainable future.

Arts & Culture

Art has the power to drive urban transformation. Real estate and art hold a symbiotic relationship in human history, culture, and heritage, which can be used as a tool to revitalize an entire area. We see real estate development as a platform to support Israeli artists and cultural events.

Impact Mind Map

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Impact Projects

  • Arena Herzliya

  • Lev Mevaseret

  • Beit Mars

  • Rova 9

  • HaThiya 14-16

  • Lincoln 16