REALITY & Academia


The “Rom Program”, with the collaboration of Reality, is an academic program which provides training in the areas of land appraisal, real estate, and management. The program is offered as part of a B.A. in interdisciplinary social sciences at Bar Ilan University.

Real estate is one of the most significant growth engines in the economy and is expected to go through a period of increased growth in Israel, due to the natural rate of growth and the increasing shortage of land resources. The “Rom Program” was founded in order to meet the rising demand for professional human capital, and to also prepare the future generation for the changing needs of the market in an innovative and unique way which bridges the gap between academia and industry. The dedicated track includes real estate studies, with an emphasis on land appraisal and urban planning studies, in a wide range of theoretical and practical areas which will provide students with the knowledge and tools to take leading positions in the job market.

REALITY is taking part in educating the next generation of the industry and in making it possible for students to be exposed from within to the forefront of the world of real estate investments and land appraisal in Israel.
Throughout the program, we provide the participants with a practical education and highlight the implementation of academic tools in entrepreneurship, valuations, financial management, local regulation, and strategic decision-making, which shape the real estate industry in Israel.

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