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REALITY Investments is the largest group of real estate funds
in Israel and a leader in superior value-add
property development and management

Our Approach

REALITY’s mission is to strategically reshape the urban landscape in Israel in order to overcome the housing shortage and the rising scarcity of land. We strive to optimize each property to its maximum potential while creating livable and sustainable communities and maintaining land reserves for future development.

We specialize in the acquisition, development and management of strategically located real estate while driving a positive social-environmental impact for our investors and community. We believe holistic real estate development is a common interest of society, the authorities, and our investors and deliver a ‘WIN-WIN-WIN’ proposition as part of our investment and corporate responsibility strategy.


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Billion NIS

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Our Portfolio

Our diversified portfolio is comprised of land entitlements and improvement projects across
the residential, commercial, public spaces, hospitality, and mixed-use properties nationwide

  • Journalists House

    Tel Aviv

    The Journalist House was built in 1957 and named after Nahum Sokolow. The Journalist House was declared as a Historic preservation site and serves as a home to the Israel Journalists Association for over 60 years. 

    Architecture and design: Foster + Partners

  • Lev Mevaseret

    Mevaseret Zion

    Lev Mevaseret is an innovative project built on the Jewish Agency’s “New Immigrants Assimilation Center” and located at the heart of Mevaseret Zion.
    We promote the area’s revitalization and support the local community. 

  • Re.live.TLV

    Tel Aviv

    ‘HaThiya’ building was built during the 60’s designated for industrial uses.
    The asset is located right across the Bloomfield Stadium, in an area that goes through great urban regeneration.

  • Lincoln 16

    Tel Aviv

    Located on Lincoln Street at the corner of Sa’adya Gaon Street and close to the intersection of Menachem Begin, Carlebach and Yitzhak Sade Streets. We support the local urban culture of the property and the neighboring communities and integrate creative content as part of our placemaking strategy. In addition, our value-add plan includes transportation and infrastructure improvements.

  • Jaffa Port


    Jaffa Port is one of the world’s most ancient ports and plays a significant part in Israel’s commerce history. The development of the property includes improvements in infrastructure while maintaining the historical and cultural characteristics of the area.
    We strive to create a vibrant urban space, by promoting the development of new commercial and residential units, a luxurious hotel, and public spaces.

  • Soglowek Compound


    The Project is a significant land reserve at the entrance to the City of Nahariya and is situated in a strategic location in terms of transportation.

  • Abba Even


    Four dunam area at Abba Even Blvd, in Herzliya’s business center.

  • Snir Orchard

    Tel Aviv

    The site is the last significant land reserve in the “Mevo’ot Yaffo” area, which is undergoing major urban redevelopment and presents great betterment potential. “Snir Orchard” is located close to the Academic College of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, the Bloomfield Stadium, and a major public transportation artery around which the “Shlavim” and “Nes LaGoyim” metro stations will be built.

  • Ramatayim

    Hod Hasharon

    The lot is located on the northeastern corner of Ramatayim and Magdiel roads. The construction environment is characterized by new vs. old buildings. Ramatayim Road in the Central Business District of Hod Hasharon.

  • Electra Compound

    Rishon Letsiyon

    A site extending over around 52 dunam located near Assuta Hospital and south of the HaElef Quarter which is in phases of construction.

  • Simta Plonit

    Tel Aviv

    Promotion of a zoning plan for conservation of Simta Plonit and exercise of rights by virtue of the conservation plan. ‘Lev Tel Aviv’. Currently used for residence and retail and generates around ILS 1.5 million per year.

  • Office Compound


    Office Compound is located at Azor industrial area, which currently goes through a major transformation. We promote the development of a new neighborhood as well as transportation engineering.

  • HaTzuk Beach

    Tel Aviv

    HaTzuk Beach is one of Tel-Aviv’s most popular beaches, located between Tel-Aviv ‘s Tel-Baruch neighborhood and Herzliya. The 20,000 SQM compound is privately owned and includes 161 apartment hotel units.

  • Arena


    Arena is part of a commercial complex featuring a mall, underground parking lot and residential, hotel towers situated on the mall’s rooftop.
    The Complex opened to the public in 2003 on a land parcel of 25,785 sqm. The Complex consists of two commercial floors separated by an office floor, with area totaling 45,800 sqm. Underground parking consists of three floors with area totaling 74,800 sqm.

  • Neve Ilan

    Neve Ilan

    Two adjacent plots including a built area of 30,000 SQM Communication compound, offices and television studios, and an empty plot of 20,000 SQM designated for hotel and hospitality. 

  • Beit Mars

    Tel Aviv

    The compound is located at the center of Herzl St., South of Kibbutz Galuyot and nearing key metropolitan’s centers such as the fish market, Florentine Neighborhood and the “Horshot Park”.

  • Customs House

    Tel Aviv

    Previously owned by the church, the buildings served as customs and income tax offices and stood vacant as a “white elephant” for a number of years.
    The property is successfully realized, and has been fully marketed as “ORO” alongside advanced stages of construction.

  • Herzl 172

    Tel Aviv

    Formerly the Bezeq Logistics Center on Herzl Street in Tel Aviv, extends over an area of 32,000 sqm including structures
    with an area of 17,000 sqm. Former zoning rights for industry, storage and telephone operations.

  • Jordan Park

    Jordan Park

    Circa 94,000 sqm in the Jordan Park is located North-East of the Sea of Galilee, Ancient Katzrin Park and many historic and tourism sites.

  • Yad Eliyahu

    Tel Aviv

    A lot with a total area of 3,400 sqm, including buildings with an area of 2,250 sqm, which formerly served as a Bezeq telephone exchange.

  • Shalma Rd.

    Tel Aviv

    Two lots in the Jaffa Noga compound that mainly include garages and old buildings intended for demolition. The area is going through urban regeneration and is highly popular among young adults.

  • Armon Tower


    The project which serves as a building for offices and commerce,
    is located in Haifa city at Hadar neighborhood.

  • HaRakevet

    Tel Aviv

    The compound is located near key metropolitan transportation routes – La Guardia Interchange and Ayalon highway.
    Two privately-owned lots with a total area of 1,400 sqm with a one-floor building.

  • HaMerkava


    A site extending over approx. 10,000 sqm, which is located in the developing industrial area of Holon, and is situated in a strategic location both in terms of accessibility and proximity to metropolitan entertainment areas.

  • Rothschild Blvd

    Tel Aviv

    A unique privately-owned property located on Rothschild Boulevard, right at the heart of business and leisure centers of Tel Aviv.

  • Energy Park


    Strategic location in terms of transport development and accessibility to main traffic arteries.

  • Gissin Center

    Petah Tikva

    A 17,500 sqm lot permitted for industrial, storage, commerce, and office use, including built area of a 4,000 sqm for storage and cooling and 1,700 sqm office building.

  • Kikar HaTarbut

    Petah Tikva

    Strategic location in the center of Petach Tikva, across from the planned central Station. Designated for residence, commerce and offices.

  • Nahalat Yehuda

    Rishon Letsiyon

    The plot of undeveloped land is situated in the “North Nachalat Yehuda” neighborhood in Rishon LeZion, next to the Beit Dagan Intersection.

  • Shmu’el HaNagid


    A lot with a total area of 600 sqm, next to which is another lot with an area of 110 sqm, with a three-floor building for preservation on the lot.

  • Arlozorov


    The lot holds a fully leased-up building presently serving a kindergarten, designated for increased residential rights above a commerce floor.

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