Building a Better Future


ESG in the business environment has long become a crucial issue, expressing the value-oriented, social and economic trends our society aims for. This global movement represents a trend of assuming responsibility, for both acts and their consequences, as a step towards creating a healthy, sustainable environment.

In 2020, we formed an ESG policy for Reality, comprising 11 goals covering the Fund’s social, environmental and corporate conduct aspects vis-à-vis all stakeholders with whom we interact. The policy statement is the outcome of intra-organizational thinking, involving all of the company’s employees, regarding the values we seek to promote by our activities and products. The statement presents our principled positions, and our intention to proudly and responsibly follow them.

Our ESG Goals


Community & The Environment

Sustainable, holistic environmental planning

Environmental planning sensitive to multiple populations and their needs

Creation of interim uses, presence and activity in the fund’s properties

Diverse donations policy



Promotion of technological innovation in real estate

Development of research tools for analysis and data-based decision making


Proper Business

Improved service for

Improved, more efficient and better work with suppliers

Handling crisis times: the Covid-19 period


Employee Nurturing & Development

Employee development and retention

Employee wellbeing