Turning Potential
Into Reality

Our Story

Established in 2008, REALITY Investment Funds is the largest group of real estate funds in Israel, specializing in the acquisition, development and management of a wide array of asset classes. Our team excels in locating properties which are well-positioned to outperform growth and driving long-term value. Our commitment to excellence and our venerable track record in urban master planning, zoning, and entitlement strategies have positioned REALITY Investment Funds as a leading catalyst for increasing the value and supply of Israeli real estate.

By garnering support from our trusted investors and leveraging strong collaborations with Israeli authorities, we are able to achieve consistent growth and expansion while delivering significant returns.

Core Values


We promote trust, friendship, development, proactivity, and creativity as a key to our
sustainable performance

A New Reality


We leverage real estate development to drive growth and generate long-term value

Corporate Culture


We embrace innovation with a clear focus on future global trends and emerging markets


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Billion NIS

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Asset Realizations


Property Acquisitions


Residential Units


Asset Realizations

Our Investors

REALITY Investment Funds capitalizes on our long-term relationships with top Israeli institutional investment firms, pension funds, insurance companies, banks, and university endowments, alongside Israeli and foreign high-net-worth individuals.

Invest in Everyone’s Future


Our team excels in identifying strategically-located properties with significant value-add potential and in implementing betterment and entitlement strategies to generate enduring value and returns.

Value Creation

We are masters in reshaping land use and resolving complex real estate challenges while collaborating with national and local governments to promote urban revitalization.
Our strategy leverages improvement and planning processes to make a positive contribution to society. Our IMPACT department supports local communities, Israeli innovation, and sustainability frameworks.

Holistic Planning

In order to be successful, real estate development must create a flourishing environment and serve the needs of the people who live and work there.
We believe that investment in utilities, infrastructure, services, and the built environment surrounding our properties benefits both residents and municipalities and contributes to profitable investments.

Other Activities

Reality Debt

A private investment fund that provides equity financing to real estate developers in Israel.
The Fund specializes in providing loans to developers involved in complex transactions and at early stages of buying land for various sectors, such as residence (including financing for the promotion of urban renewal transactions), commerce, offices, logistics, and more, as well as mortgaged-backed financing for developers.

Reality Debt enables each developer to receive financing tailored to his/her needs, while concurrently giving full professional support through the Group’s diverse and experienced team, who will accompany the developer during the execution of the project, and will assist the developer, insofar as required, in the promotion and realization of the project.

Reality Germany

Reality Germany is a private equity investment fund focused on high quality assets located across Germany’s top metropolitan areas. We use our expertise to target income-generating assets in key locations with substantial value-added potential in order to provide our investors with outstanding returns at low risk.
Our diverse portfolio includes grocery-anchored commercial properties and revenue producing real estate with stable and robust tenants to secure long-term wealth. Our team holds deep market expertise and has successfully invested in over 80 properties across Germany.

Reality Germany was established in 2017 as part of the REALITY Investment Funds Group and is based in Berlin.


Technology changes our world. Our innovation department constantly monitors new trends and emerging technologies to ensure our portfolio is well-positioned for the future of real-estate.

We foster innovation through engagement in industry initiatives and offer a pilot program to promising startups to empower the local startup ecosystem, optimize our investments’ performance, and eventually make Dreams into Reality.

REALITY & Academia

The “Rom Program”, with the collaboration of Reality, is an academic program which provides training in the areas of land appraisal, real estate, and management. The program is offered as part of a B.A. in interdisciplinary social sciences at Bar Ilan University.