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Makes a better REALITY

Miki Vardi Founder &

Ohad Rozen Founder &
Managing Partner

Assaf Vardi Founder &
Managing Partner

Adi Dvir, Arch Urban Planner Manager, Project Planning Department

Ana Grinberg Bookkeeper,
Finance Department

Avishay Kimeldorf Partner, Chief of
Project Management

Avital Hepher Project Management,
Impact Department

Aviv Negbi Impact Department Manager

Aviv Senior, CPA Analyst, Investor
Relations Department

Dalit Meretz Vardi Chief of People

Dan Menachem Partner

Daniel Harel, Real Estate Appraiser Professional Department

Edo Blecher, CPA Partner, CFO

Elad Toledo Planning Manager,
Project Planning Department

Elie Moshe, CPA Investor Relations Manager

Emilia Kaufman, Urban Planner Project Manager, Project Planning Department

Fernanda Savoia Bookkeeper,
Finance Department

Keren Zfat, ADV Legal Advisor,
Initiation Department

Korin Uzan, Real Estate Appraiser Business Development,
Initiation Department

Maya Luz Project Manager,
Project Planning Department

Michael Haim, ADV Partner, Initiation & Project Management

Michal Mazor Personal Assistant

Moshe Ezuz, CPA Controller,
Finance Department

Nadav Lindenberg, CPA Finance Department Manager,
Finance Department

Nir Forer, ADV Business Development

Ofir Charlap Rivlin Innovation Manager

Ohad Markus Property Operations
Manager, Asset
Management Department

Ohad Mograbi Project Manager, Project Planning Department

Oksana Margolin Bookkeeper,
Finance Department

Ori Nir-Winter ESG & Advot Fund Manager

Oz Cvodi, Real Estate Appraiser Analyst,
Initiation Department

Rafael Havasov-Cohen Real Estate Appraiser, Professional Department

Rivka Mordechai Bookkeeper,
Finance Department

Ronen Sharon Arena CEO

Sapir Vesely, Real Estate Appraiser Partner Assistant

Sapir Zonshain Economist,
Finance Department

Shai Rechter, ARCH Project Manager, Project Planning Department

Shay Zfadia Partner, Professional Department Manager

Shlomi Shitrit, Real Estate Appraiser Initiation Department

Sigal Dadon Office Manager

Stav Arbel Project Coordinator, Marketing Departmrnt

Tomer Rephael BizDev & Project Manager, Project Planning Department

Yael Myara-Polani Head of Marketing

Yahel Kellerman, CPA Financial Manager,
Finance Department

Yehuda Granas Partner & Business
Development Manager

Yossi Manzur Administration

Yuval Tamir, ADV Urban Construction Planning Manager, Project
Planning Department